Mother of pearl inlaid jewelry box

Little box that I made with some vcarved mother of pearl inlay


The box itself was made using the MPCNC too, came out nicely :slight_smile: Inside still needs some polishing here.


Wow, I always wondered if these machines could do shell work. That came out nice and tight. The transparency of the MOP insert in that glue up photo is cool. Excellent work!

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That’s actually the plug side of the inlay but you can definitely see through it in this pic, left about .2mm as a backer. Just kept the feeds nice and slow and it worked out great.


Very nice. I like these small boxes. I did a magnet mod version because I screwed up the lip on the base.

Earring box for my wife’s 40th, today

Did a laser engrave, but next attempt will be an epoxy fill or an inlay


Do it! :slightly_smiling_face:

My daughter thought she had it rough with her b-day being on the 11th of this month… x-mas eve, imagine that. Anyhow, nice work I am sure she’ll be happy with it!

She loved it

Yeah, I learned very quickly that we don’t mix Christmas and birthday. My first Christmas with her, 14 years ago, lives forever indelibly marked in my brain because I mentioned Christmas on her birthday. One year, she decorated for Christmas in the first week of December- and took it all down on the 21st- only to put it back up at 1am Christmas morning…

I have a file In my carveco ready to go, just need time to do it. It’s a tribal hummingbird design.

Maybe in a couple weeks

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My Mum’s birthday is Christmas Day, worst ever!

Cheers to your mom, my birthday is also the 25th! :slight_smile:

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Happy Birthday!

Lol. Happy Birthday!

That’s a cute little box!

Mine too!!! Yes, it is not a great day to have a birthday.

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I love it, Happy birthday to you. :slight_smile:

Thank you! Same to you.