Mostly Printed EDM

Saw this on hackaday and thought it was worth linking to.


Really cool, I’d actually consider backing it, but it is US only. :frowning:

The Kickstarter says they are going to release the schematics etc after fullfilment: and you can already print all the parts you need: Printables.

Ryan, get ready for the MP3DP to MP-EDM mod. :slight_smile:

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Wonder how they’re filtering the water.

Seems like a MPCNC would be a superior platform to a 3D printer as well. I’d be a little nervous having a container of sloshing liquid on a moving platform above my heated bed and control panel. Seems like the wrong combination of moves could create a wave and and a pop.

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So digging in a bit deeper to their FAQ … its slow 10mm/min which is like 1/60 of what we run our cnc’s at and is limited to 4mm aluminum so that kind of limits it to small detailed parts and sheet metal.

From their Q&A:

We recommend a DC pump compatible with distilled water. 220 L/H is a good minimum

Speaks to the volume, basically an aquarium pump not sure what filter medium you would need.

That is pretty cool. I had only ever seen EDM with moving wire and carbon bucks(?). I didn’t even consider it with a rod as a tool. I wonder if you will be able to rig this up with a small strung wire setup for much finer details.

Yea, that’s what I was wondering. After about a minute, it won’t matter if it’s distilled anymore. There’s going to be enough dissolved metal in the water to make it conductive.

Wait, what? No Skrillex? Fatboy Slim? Daft Punk? Man… I got out the furry boots and glow sticks for nuthin!

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I keep forgetting that no matter how surreal I think I’m being, this motley gang of miscreants will surface someone to match my level of cultural dadaism… :roll_eyes: :grin:


You are thinking of EBM…

Saw this guy one year too.

I skipped through that video, did they say what kind of voltage/current that thing is using?
That thing cut that metal like butter and it was a gorgeous cut!!!

Nope, they never stated the voltage.

From the vid:

Looks like 72v .8A

Heh, I missed that!

The power supplies are wildly expensive. There is a guy looking at making one with mofsets.
There is a really cool 3D printed wire frame one I have been thinking about.
I believe the 30khz is what the difficult part is.