More archim questions

Ok, I did some reading, lots of the posts questions are kinda old, and things happen fast.

No rambos in stock, only archims. Description says something like “basically a 32 bit rambo”. Also still said “beta”.
I read that Ryan wasn’t flashing these a while ago, and that if we aren’t comfortable flashing a 32 bit board, this might not be a good choice.
I’ve only flashed my rambo, doesn’t bother me at all, although I had never tried before starting my mpcnc, and counted that as the biggest benefit to me for a rambo from v1. Is the archim so different?
Looks like I have the pocket money to make the order, just gonna wait a couple days to make sure I actually have valentines day covered. Then it’s on to that 10x6 or so mpcnc I was talking about!

He was saying that Rambos should be in stock today

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Fingers crossed, I’m excited to order as well :smiley:

Thanks. I must have missed it. Sounds like they’re still isn’t a compelling reason to sprint for the archim. I’m still interested in the other questions, too.

Nope, it is actually easier to flash than any other boards right now as it has the library built in…but it is very much in heavier development so things do get knocked out sometimes, so do not update until someone has confirmed the update works. That is the difference. The other boards are pretty much frozen and never changing, the Archim and other 32 bit boards are still be utilized more and more.

If you enjoy kinda digging under the hood a tiny bit, and like to try out new things with the firmware once and a while the Achim is for you. If you just want to use a CNC the Rambo is the ticket.

Rambo’s are instock

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Thanks. Maybe I’ll spring for the archim after all. After that thread, I know I need an mpcnc right now, but who knows about a year from now? Maybe that board will end up in a printer or something.

I have had no issues with my Archim2 and the steppers are quiet for sure.

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