Monitoring ampere to find sweet spot?

Hello there!

I just got a (maybe) cool idea.

When running the LR2 the router should not be overloaded. This can be monitored by ear (you can hear it being overloaded).

But if you were to add a sensor that monitors the actually ampere being consumed while running a job, you can use that to tweak the settings of the router speed and even feed rate?

That would be quite neat, maybe?

/ Oskar


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Just a friendly reminder to check that this is a rabbit hole you want to go down. I’m not passing judgement on whether it is or not; not my time, not my dime (nor my circus, nor monkeys). Just thought I’d offer a brief breather before everyone settled in to their engineer armchair with their favorite libation…

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You could use something like the Kill a Watt kinda a device, it will do the same as going down the rabbit hole…