MKS Tinybee case

I am working on switching my mpcnc over to a MKS Tinybee with FluidNC and needed a case so I remixed one for the ramps board. If anyone is interested , its over on Thingiverse MKS Tinybee case. Its setup for 12mm aircraft plugs for the motors.

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When I looked at the Tinybee, I noticed it only had three dedicated endstop plugs. Are you going to be forgoing endstops, or did you repurpose other pins to get your five endstops (including touch plate)?

there are some other plugs that can be used as inputs. I just wired up a Root3 cnc with one for my neighbour but I will have to look up the pins I used for the extra endstops and probes. I haven’t written the config.yaml file for the mpcnc as of yet.

It looks like the filament sensor pins would be easy to use for one of the x or y endstops, but still need to find pins for a z endstop and for a touch sensor… maybe something from the exp1 or exp2 pins?

I have both a tinybee and a bumblebee board that I could use for a new mpcnc setup. The bumblebee is about the same thing but with lots more pins for endstops and stuff.