MK extruder

Looking at a buying one of your mk extruders with the plastic kit, but does the mpcnc mk extruder mount handle all versions you sell or just one?

Also, can you either add your 30 amp power supply in the store or provide a link to one?

I am not 100% clear on what you are asking, it fits on the stepper so most extruders work the only ones I can say for sure are the two I sell the MK and the Titan Aero.

If you are just adding an extruder you do not need a 30A supply, it is only needed if you are adding a heated bed. I have no cheap or easy way of selling and shipping them. Here is a link and you will also need a power cord if you don’t have one laying around.

Ah, saw the mk3,8 and 9 in the filter view and didn’t realize they all pointed to the same one. Finally I get to start my build after a year and half! Order placed!