MK extruder (bought here) wiring to ramps

Hi everyone,

I bought the complete kit from the e-shop here, build everything pretty easily and made (what i consider :slight_smile: ) a pretty cool piece of geeky technology.

BUT i can’t get my extruder (also bought from here) to work. The stepper won’t turn or just go back and forth from one step to another.

The problem is most likely a wiring problem:

  • the stepper is not fried as it works with the other axis
  • the stepper as 4 wires : black and green (that beep together with a continuity test, therefore they must be the same coil) + red and blue.
  • the jumpers are under every driver.
  • the extruder is enabled in the Marlin Firmware as the extruder heats up and stabilizes (extremely) well
I hooked up black and green on 1A & 2A on the ramps, same with red and blue going to 1B & 2B.

I expected the motor to at least turn in the wrong direction, have to switch one pair and be good to go. That was in theory.

There is something strange: the stepper of the extruder has a 6 pin connector on it with only 4 wires (see attached picture). Can anyone who bought the extruder from Vicious be king enough to send me a picture of his stepper (with a way to tell me “front” and “back”) and tell me wich wire goes where ? that would at least help to try and understand the problem.

hope someone can help me.

greetings from France


ps: more pictures to come once everything will be running. I ended up building a decent rack for all the electronics

There is a safe extrude feature, you can not move the extruder until it is at least 170C, most all printers have this enabled.


Is this the problem?

Hi Ryan,

Nope, I forget to mention that I also paid attention to that …


Since you see to use this extruder would you mind checking your wiring and compare it to mine ?


The extruder comes with a plug on it that works, if you extend it just splice wires in between it.


The pairs on the ramps board are 1a&b, 2a&b. Looks like you might have that wrong, Not 1,2a 12b

If you can’t figure it out telling me wire colors doesn’t help they change all the time. Put the original plug back on and verify it works, then extend 1 wire at a time.

Yep sorry, 1A&B and 2A&B. If you re sure that the plug wiring isn’t faulty then it can (has to ) be my wiring. A pair shoula have the same number and not the same lettre right ? I ll give it a try

Thanks for the fast replies !

The original connector is on the stepper and the wires were indeed extended. I sent the picture in order to be able to compare the position of the wires show were I had them hooked up

The other end, the end that fits into the ramps board, the end you cut off. That end is wired in the proper order, not the stepper side.

ok, i already tried this but i guess i can try again :-). I just started the rack i’ll tell you in a minute.



and the winner is … Ryan. :slight_smile:

thanks alot for just telling me something as obvious as “just take the cable i sold you and put the colors in the right order”.

I can’t even rely on arguing about the 1A&1B thing … gosh i hate being stupid !

thanks again. and i’m really sorry for bothering you.


Just glad it works. Things like this would take 10 seconds in person, 2 hours over text. I wish I could make house calls.