Mirrored x axis!

So it turns out my 3d printer had a swapped x and y axis so all of my prints came out perfectly mirrored
So now my x axis gantry moves towards the bottom right corner to home instead of bottom keft which seemingly is ok besides everything i now cut is mirrored
Is there a software fix for this or is it a reprint of the core and the core accessories?

You don’t indicate which machine you are building. From an electoral point of view, you can just rotate the connection to the steppers to change the direction the steppers move. In your case, just rotate the connection for the two X steppers, and the machine will move in the right direction.

Assuming this is a Primo, I’m having a hard time understanding the impact of mirrored parts. A picture of your machine would be really helpful here. Some of the parts (like the trucks) are designed to be mirrored on one axis. My guess is that the mounts for the endstop switches will be on the wrong end of the trucks so you will have to come up with an alternate solution for mounting these switches. Some people elect to mount the switches on the tubing rather than the trucks. On Thingiverse, there are STL files for mounting switches this way. These files were created for the Burly, but they should work for the Primo.

For the Primo, the parts are symmetrical, so I will assume a LR3.

You could take a look at @DougJoseph 's work with homing to the opposite side in order to swap the X and Y axes. He did some extra work to home in the opposite direction. I might suggest though that the purpose for that work might just be the right way to go.

Doug swapped the X and Y axis. If your X axis is homing to the opposite side, this is perfectly fine you want to use the dual drive as the X axis and the drive along the beam as the Y axis. There are firmware changes required to do this, but usually the tricky part of the axis swap is making the machine home to the correct corner.

Alternately, you can re-compile the firmware and just tell it that X homes to the high side, though that means a long jog to get to zero after homing. Both options of swapping the axes and switching the home direction involve re-compiling the firmware.

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Ill check it out thank you!

I assume from his response, he has a LR3. In my mind, the Primo parts are only mirrored along one axis, so if they are installed with the steppers on the outside of the rails, fully mirrored parts would have the endstop mounting holes on the wrong end.

I was assuming LR as well, and for the trucks, you print them in mirrored pairs, so you just swap them side to side.

Further reading has the OP with LR3 specific threads, so that makes it pretty certain.

Oh my god sorry yes LR3!