Minnesota Build

Hey guys - just getting started - MPCNC 25.4mm

I’ve got all of my parts printed and I have all of my electronics. Still have to get the tubing, hardware and build platform.

I have a couple of questions hoping others can help guide me. Does the MPCNC need to have min/max limit switches for all axis?

I bought a pack of 5 limit switches from Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B017GXU0IK and I am trying to find the most ideal limit switch mount to use as I need to find the .stl and print them out but need to know if I need three or six.

Also, other than the base MPCNC parts are there others that I need to print out in order to move along with the build quickly once I start?

I am going to use the universal mount which I have printed and I also have the mount for the Dewalt 660.

I see lots of these that have cable chains… are those bought or printed?

Hmm, I don’t use any switches. Explanation in the FAQ’s.

Universal mount? The mount for the new 525 update is pretty universal. The other mount has had some rigidity issues with the routers but all the other tools are good enough.

I use the flex wire loom I feel it puts a little less tug on the center gantry.

To each his own though I don’t mind what goes on, just sharing my setup.

Vicious1 - I had not read the FAQs but I now have thanks for guiding me to them. I know I didn’t digest all of the content but now I know where to check before posting a question.

I did print the 525 along with this option for the DW660 http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2018477 and this Dust Shoe - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:410266 … Not sure if they are the best option -

Are you using the plastic wire loom or the snake skin type? I see lots of builds with cable chains so I was not sure what the common practice is for cable management.

Perhaps you can set me straight on this… I printed out the MPCNC Hardware list and headed to my local fleet farm type store… I am not sure I got everything needed and probably not the right size. Please excuse my ignorace as I am just learning here…

  1. the 28 5/16 18x1.25 – could not find any of this size… will 5/16 18x1.5 work?

  2. When I look at the photo of the bundle hardware I see some really large fender washers, a spring and nuts on the threaded rod and in the middle by the TO resistor there are two more screws and some round items… these are not on the hardware list page… so what are they and the quantity ?

Try the mount should be good. Of course I lean towards my own designs, and are usually the only ones I ever try.

Yup snake skin style, I have some in the shop if you aren’t sure.

1.5" might have issues on a few parts, but a dremel could help you out. I believe I have heard they work but you might want another confirmation. The center gantry has some small clearances. This comes up a lot it has probably been answered in the forums.

The picture is old, we don’t use those parts anymore the parts list is current. I have to clear my desk to take a new picture…I’m kinda lazy sometimes.

Thanks for clearing that up for me as I was thinking I was missing a handful of things.

I’ve not settled on a size yet but perhaps you can advise me… if I am only going to cut stuff like lite plywood, foam, plastic, etc what would be a middle of the road Z height?

I don’t think I would ever use it for 3d printing. The only other thing I can think of possibly is the laser if that is not too expensive to add in the future.

I am in Minnesota too.

I found that 1.5" was too long in some places so I kept looking until I found a hardware store that had 1.25". The one I found them at also sold them by weight so it was cheap too.

Thanks - I will have to check at our local Ace Hardware not sure if they will have those sizes let alone how much they will be as I think Ace sells by the item and not weight. I have access to big box stores that are about 30 minutes away so may check those this weekend.

While I am asking all of these questions… is there any one set of videos out on YouTube that would be ideal for a beginner - anything that you all would recommend?

some old guy coding, has every single step in his vids.

Z height… looking for some feedback on this… planning on getting my tubing this weekend. I am only going to cut stuff like lite plywood, foam, plastic, etc.

What common types of bits do I need for the DW660 ?

I bought these off Amazon but not sure if these will work or if I need something else, etc… https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010NI39WO

Lowes should have all the hardware you need. I was able to get it all in one trip. Home Depot didn’t have most of it. They didn’t even stock it.

Good to know about the hardware… will check Lowes out this weekend.

So let me ask… what sort of Z height do most folks have?

I don’t remember my exact z height but I kept it real short. Something like 4.5 inches. Maybe a tad more but mine is too small since I built my spoilboard up from the actual surface. I cut my 4 feet at 3.5" and my Z tubes were whatever the calc said to use. I think 12".

As far as build size goes as well. I have built 2 MPCNC’s for myself so far (one for dirty work mill and the other for laser/3d print). I can say both my builds were built around me being able to fit a 20x30" sheet of foam board under there (with the original intent on being able to cut out rc planes from adams foam board - which I have yet to even attempt). It turns out I have never even cut anything that was more than ~18" on the x axis and 5" on y. That said I am printing parts for a third build (luckily I have some extra garage space) which will be smaller (going to mock Ryans build exactly - table and all). I originally thought bigger was better and why limit myself. I like knowing I can throw something quite large under the table but have I really used it yet (no)… So if I were you, think of what material you are going to be throwing on the bed most often and base your build around that. If you are planning on cutting 1/4" mdf that you source locally in 4’x2’ sections then just allow for the smaller dimension to be able to fit in the bed (you can always over-hang your extra stock.

I am rambling along but I originally thought I ‘needed’ a much larger bed than I have ever really used. Best thing is start small and if you decide you really need a larger table then spend 5 bucks on new conduit - 9 bucks on a 6 pack and spend an afternoon making it bigger. That is truly the beauty of Ryan’s design is it is fairly easy to scale up or down in the future.

happy 2nd b-day mpcnc!

Neil / Bryan - thanks for the feedback. I’m struggling with where I am going to keep this new tool. I live in minnesota and only have a two car garage and that’s already consumed by a workbench and cabinets, etc. I have a good size shed but the lack of heat won’t help me in the winter… So I think I am gonna need to build something that is portable that I can move from the garage to the basement or something like that when it gets cold out … not sure will need to ponder this more over the weekend. Where do I find Ryan’s build dimensions?

This is my “portable"one sometimes its on a table sometimes the dining room, this week the office floor. made just tall enough to print the toolholder part. my others are 3” and 4" in the z direction.

Vicious1 - Where do you get the Braided Cable Sleeves. Amazon? what sizes are most common for the basic set up?

I have it in the shop for sale, but I get it bulk from my cable tie supplier.

So I printed out your Ramps 1.4 Cover and controller box. Am I correct to say that the 40mm fan should just go into the green 12vdc power in port on the Ramps board?

wire it into the plug, not the ramps.

You mean the wire that comes from the PSU to feed the Ramps, correct?