mini-Rambo out of stock (eta?)

hi, is there any estimate on when you may receive new stock for mini-rambo boards? i had all my bundles in my cart, but just noticed this item’s status.


thank you,


Full sized Rambo’s should be here Thursday, and the fresh off the pic and place Mini’s shipped this morning and are due in 4 business days.

Sorry for the delay but the Mini’s had to be made.

Re: Big Rambo

will these become a selectable option for the mpcnc parts bundle? Thks

Full sized rambo’s? Tonight I guess, I am going to let this one run a bit longer, first.

Mini’s will (should) be here Tuesday.

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Since you are carrying the full size Rambo now, will you be carrying the LCD Smart Controller adapter for it? I understand that is needed to connect a LCD to it whereas the mini Rambo does not need it.

I have some on the way.

Cool. I did not realize I needed that at the time I ordered that board from them this past summer & will order one from you when I place another order here.

Yup same thing happened to me. Opened them up yesterday and went to plug in the LCD…few nasty words later, I hit ebay for a couple, and I will try and get some “official” ones from them Tuesday. It’s a bummer as I have another box due to arrive Tuesday from them. The Archim and mini, do not need an adapter, I just assumed this didn’t either.

Matter of fact, I think I might do a Archim giveaway. Keep an eye on the front page if your interested.

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