Migrating websites

I figure this group of people might be interested in this.

Spent a good portion of last night finishing up the migration of my personal sites to AWS. Nothing fancy. Just a few web nodes behind a load balancer.

Still… I’m at least no longer freeloading off of my buddies vSphere stack.

We use AWS exclusively at work. The more I use it there, the more I thought about moving my stuff to it. Finally just bit the bullet and did it. For the measly traffic I get, it shouldn’t cost more than $20/month. Everything I have runs off of their free tier VM size.

I’ll be working on setting up some auto-scaling groups more for auto-healing than for the redundancy. Just need to script out new VM creation.

The latest version of Grafana has native MySQL integration for pulling data. No longer have to use logstash to rip data out of mysql and drop it into elasticsearch.

Well if we screw up the current server package I’m on I know who to ask for help. At one point I was using some of the amazon services, but I am not anymore. I recently helped a friend with a squarespace site, man was it nice not to deal with any of the backed stuff. If shopify had a forum available I would move everything over just to not deal with all the random crap that pops up when I run updates and stuff. You are 100% genius in my mind as I can barely tell what you said above was even in English!

Sr Linux Engineer for 15 years.

Just started down the AWS path last year with the latest job and Love it. Infrastructure as a Service is a beautiful thing. Need a new stack? Code it, deploy it, have the developers push their code to it.

Heh, I just have an older Dell rack mount (dual Xeons with 32GB of memory) sitting in a friend’s business down at the coast. Five Hyper-V VMs that’ll soon migrate to four VMs and a second server (also dual Xeons, but 48GB of memory instead) so my email won’t be quite so flaky. No cost once I got past the servers themselves…