Mid print under extrusion

Hello all,

I'm having a problem with under extrusion in the middle of the print for a few layers and then it clears up on it's own. I have tried several different filaments, temp settings, and recalibrated the extruder steps. Any Ideas?

Genuine E3dV6

Marlin firmware

That can be a lot of things. Start by looking into speed or heating issues. Go a little faster or a little slower ±5mm/s. If that is nylon…well that is tough no matter what.

Since it looks to have resolved later in the print, is it possible the filament roll was restricted in some way?

That sort of things can be anything, extra drafty, slight clog, filament hung up, metor shower…

I wish it was as easy as the roll being hung up. It happens on all of the prints I have tried(different files, different filaments) and its always in about the same place. I even pulled the extruder apart and changed the small piece of bowden tube. It is maddening. I read somewhere else to try halving the speed of the print so that will be my next move.

If that doesn’t help look closely at your wiring routes, it’s easy for something to get hung up only at one Z position…

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