Microscope and some endmills

I was doing some testing and I finally remembered to bring a “dead” bit up from the shop. I have a cheap little USB microscope and wanted to see the difference.

This is the single flute Kyocera from the shop old and new.

[attachment file=72725]

[attachment file=72726]

Notice on the old one, it has a nasty chip on the edge, this is probably why I thought it was dead, but you can also clearly see the “edge” of the flute. This means it is round and catching the light. On the new one the edge is so good it has no shine.

Anyway thought that was neat.

I was testing the difference between the less expensive and kyocera single flutes I sell in the shop. I can tell you the less expensive one went dull extremely fast. I cut 2 sets of Lowrider sides and 4 611 plates and I do not want to use it as it is dull. You can see by the tear-out on top (more noticeable before I pulled out the parts). The kyocera made it though so many I lost count 6-10 sets and hitting the screw chipped and killed it or I would have kept going.

[attachment file=72727]
This picture is the life of the less expensive bit. when I swapped out and cut the 611 plates it was bad enough that I wished I switched the bit.

I need to grab the old less expensive one and get it under the microscope.



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John shows off a couple microscopes towards the end of the video showing off end mills. Just watched this yesterday, I follow both Grimsmo knives and NYC CNC on youtube.

The scopes they had were crazy! I would like a larger depth range as it is hard to see and focus sometimes, but for my $7 scope I am happy…compared to $1500

I looked at the other less expensive end mill and it was still really sharp it just had all kinds of tiny chips from MDF? So maybe too hard/brittle, or too fine a initial point. Not really sure but it also seems to pull out less chips as well. This is kind of interesting too me and now I really want to look into a wider selection of end mills and geometry’s.

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I ordered a couple long 1/4" bits off ebay and they look like they were cut with 80 grit, it would be interesting to see them under a microscope.