Mesh Leveling Hack

So I think I posted earlier on about printing on polycarbonate, but before putting down the plate sticking a sheet of tin foil down to auto mesh bed level to - I found that over time the polycarbonate warped which made printing difficult. I’ve recently purchased one of those steel plates with magnets.

It works pretty well, I wire up the endstop to the MK8 Extruder (Well, twist a bit of wire over the fan grill) and then I clamp the other wire between a bed magnet and the steel build plate, then I run the G29 mesh bed leveling command it and maps out the entire build surface to the steel then you save it - there is no need for offsets cause you just twist the z end stop up a teeny tiny bit and put down your PEI sheet (Remember to remove the protective cover…that was my big mistake) and then your first layer should go down perfectly.

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Do you have a link to your earlier post? I’m curious about what all went into getting the mesh bed leveling working. Because G29 is not supported by default, correct? I’d like to use it for milling PCBs as opposed to 3D printing, but it’s all the same principle.