Merging Programs

I have a project that uses two gcode programs. The 1st does all the major work and drills a bunch of 9/16" helical through holes.
The 2nd program countersinks the holes 3/8" dia by 1/4" deep.

What is the proper way to append the 2nd program to the 1st so that I have only one program to run in Repetier_Host?
Is it simply a matter of appending the 2nd program to the first in a text editor? Or do I have to modify the 2nd program in some way?


That depends.

If the start/stop gcode doesn’t do anything funny, then you can append. It will be exactly the same as just running one after the other.

If you have something strange, like set 0,0,0 and you don’t return to 0,0,0 before the next gcode file, then you have to do some editing.

Appending them is literally the same as running one, then immediately running the other without doing anything else.

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