Mensch ärgere dich nicht (Aggravate)

I finally got around to finishing my game. Actually, I was done and then I decided I needed an engraving on the box. The colours don’t look too good in that light, but that’s all the light I had. :smiley:

A little more light to catch the colours better:

Forgot to include the file:
Mensch.dxf (517.9 KB)


I think it looks been dang good where it counts!


I clarified it: I think it looks great, but the lightning was bad, so the colours didn’t pop. :slight_smile:

Your stuff is so impressive!!!


Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

You have the inlays figured out that’s for sure! I really need to give that a try!!

Are those pawns cnc’d too?
Very nice !

Yeah, but I am quite unhappy with those. :smiley:

I kinda like it, reminds me of some abstract-themed board games like quattro and such… except for those that have this flat top, I think they look weird


It looks like Trouble to me.

Hey, calm your (little) horses please!

Funny how this game has so many different names :slight_smile:
This german title really makes no sense to me though …

Now with video:


I really love it.

(I’m currently working on adding the solid of revolution feature for version 12 again. It will most likely be able to do light undercuts with slot end mills so original style pawns can be machined.)



Very cool. This game is really fun too, so definitely on my list!

I’ve made a few of these boards in the past, but with a router template (Boring!)

Although I did make a huge one with Bocce balls on my old LR2!

Pug approved…


This would be a really cool project for school. Neat.

I also find it interesting that there are two subtle iterations of this game: some have 5-deep “rows” like yours, and some are 6-deep. I’ve only played on the 6-deep rules so will have to look up the game differences!

Ah, interesting, they are different, and the German one is the first: Mensch ärgere Dich nicht - Wikipedia

Or family plays “aggravation”. We have a couple of copies because my grandmother would buy them at thrift shops.


These wooden versions are really nice. We never play with more than 4 anyway.