Memorial Keepsake Box

I’ve held off posting this build until now because it’s rather personal but now seems to be the time to share it. My Mom passed away on May 29 this year, just days after I completed my MPCNC. Even though I had virtually zero CNC experience at that point, I felt I had to attempt this carving. My Mother was an avid card player, so I wanted to make this for her memorial service to honor she and her card playing friends. (They played something called Hand and Foot, related to Canasta)

My daughter (a professional graphic designer) did the artwork for me. I did a test cut in foam and then a small sample cut in the mahogany to be used. It worked perfectly first try. This is a testament not to my skill, but to the design of the MPCNC. I was able to achieve this quality of work immediately without any fiddling. I DID read Ryan’s instructions many times and spent considerable time in the forums before and during the building process. I only had a day and a half to make this happen in time for the memorial so if I had had to putz around with the machine I wouldn’t have made it.

Thanks again to Ryan for what he as done here. I’ve dreamed of having a CNC for years and thanks to him I predict within a year or two I’ll have made a case for buying a full sized machine.

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That is truly a great piece and to know you got your daughter involved helps makes it a great collaboration with loved ones. I could not image a better way to show your respect.

Thank you for sharing.

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From a Hand & Foot player (my grandparents taught my whole family) that’s a great memorial.


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