Mega woodworking table build.

These videos are great. He’s got a great attitude and it’s a nice looking build. I like how the miter saw is installed.

Wouldn’t it be great if this was also a low rider table? There are some details to figure out, like how to have a spoil board to keep your table saw safe, and what to do woth the belts when you’re not using it. But even if the low rider was limited to the last 3’ of work surface, you’d be able to do almost any project.

I’m going to be thinking about this. My shed is designed around having benches on the outside. Maybe I should ditch that and just have one big table in the middle… I would love to fit the cnc in my shed and get my garage room back.

Definitely what I had in mind for my newest incarnation of the LowRider. I think I will turn the table saw 90 degrees and put it all on wheels. Same size “shop” though.

With the miter saw amd the table saw, the table saw really just needs to do rip cuts, or small part cross cuts/joinery. Having it this direction means you can easily rip 8’ boards and it’s safe, because you dont have to support the weight of the material behind the blade. Unless you are only planning on ripping small boards, I would keep it aligned with the long end. I suppose if you had the room, you could also add an outfeed on the short side…

I was pondering a multifunction table for my lowrider as well. Belts would be an issue, so I started thinking about rack and pinion instead of belt driven. Probably going to experiment with 3d printed racks on a smaller proof of concept machine.

You have to fix the machine at the bottom or it can walk out of the rack. Any small debris can stop the machine in its tracks…not easy to use.

The new one is not bottom fixed.

I don’t think the belts are really a big deal here. You can just remove them in 2 seconds if you build some kind of quick release clamp. It will just take you 2 seconds to set them up again before your next milling job, that’s not too exhausting…

Agreed. I just need to figure out the details. I need to get to CAD and start working on this.

Have the rack with the teeth facing downward and fix the machine at the top. Won’t walk off, discourages debris from blocking the rack.

Gears have backlash.

Can we make this conversation only about absurd, enormous workshop islands and ridiculous tools that we could install in them, please?

Where do we put the drill press?

Where does the joiner go?

Do you need a bandsaw if you have a low rider?

How will this work if I make it a low rider plasma cutter?

Where can I do “traditional” woodworking, with scrapers, planes, chisels, mallets, and my teeth on a bench like this?

I was discussing this. Brainstorming ways to have the giant workshop tables include a CNC.

Regardless, a smaller jointer could work the same way as the thickness planer. Drill press, I would just have a benchtop model stored underneath and brought out as needed. Yes, bandsaws can do awesome thing like sawing your own veneer. Not sure how to implement it into the table though. Plasma Cutter: removable water tub for the top, to be stored flat against the wall when not needed. For traditional tools, store them on the wall instead of the table, or make a few drawers somewhere on the beast of a table to hold them.