Medidas de tubo

Buenas, alguien me ayuda con respecto al tubo, no se material puedo usar, estoy pensando en un tubo Inox304 de1", o que tubo es mejor?

Hello, Edson. This will be machine thanslated, I am not good with Spanish.
What part of the world are you in?

¿En qué parte del mundo estás?
Los tubos locales varían y te ayudaría a saber dónde te encuentras.

What type of machine are you planning to build?

¿Qué tipo de máquina planea construir?

Buenas. El tubo inox ornamental osea el de pared fina es de 25.4mm aproximadamente. Debes pasar y medirlo fisicamente. El de pared gruesa, mide al menos en mi pais 26.7mm

Mi consejo es que pases y midas con un caliper el tubo fisicamente.

The 26.7mm will not work. The sizes are 23.5mm, 25.0mm or 25.4mm.

How thick is the wall on the 25.4mm tube?

Hi jeff, i was telling him to measure the OD diameter of the tube. SS in latin america usually comes in two vairants, the one used generally to make fences for balconies and stairs (the lighter one ) it is 25.4 or 1" exactly and the one used for industrial appliances, thats the one that comes 26.7 mm OD.

In my lr2 thats the one i used (i did accomodate some stls to use that one and then soldered the x/z tubes) that was superstrong and had almost 0 flex in the middle of my 1.6 wide lr2. On the lr3 it would be impossible to use (without a mayor redisign od some parts)

The thicker tube comes with a 2.6mm wall

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It’s strange that it has a different OD. I thought metal workers specified tubing from OD with thickness going inside.

Electricians and plumbers specify piping from ID, where the thickness changes the OD. Because they care about the space for cables or gas/water.

Yes, but this tubes are used in construction, the thicker one is uded in industrial applications for water and others fluids when SS is required (water plants, labs and others) the thinner wal is used to make stairs and balconies fences (dont know the exact term in English -its not my main language -