Me touting V1E / LowRider on my first ever YouTube community "post"

I’ve seen YouTube posts by other channels / makers, but had never made any myself.

Link to my first ever YouTube community “post”:
Text from it:

A wisdom from the old days of our agrarian past—“Sharpening one’s tools is never a waste of time”—still applies for today’s makers, woodworkers, and builders. We broaden “sharpening of tools” to include making/improving CNC machines (router, plasma, laser, 3D printer, etc). I previously upgraded my V1-Engineering-designed LowRider v2 (mostly printed CNC) to a v3. I’m excited as now there are serious efforts by Ryan (V1’s founder) to possibly offer a LowRider v4. As always, the plans and files are free, and the BOM stuff is easily obtained. If you’ve always wanted to have your own CNC machine, consider that building your own mostly printed CNC is more affordable and more powerful than you might have imagined, and the maker community at V1 Engineering Forum - V1 Engineering Forums is the best. Check it out today! (Pictured: my second LowRider v3, which carries a plasma torch, whereas my first one carries a router.)

The pics were of my second LR3 with a plasma torch.