MDF wheels?

What if we cut the wheels out of MDF. That’s crazy, right?

Yea, that’s crazy.

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Why in hell would you do something like that?
Craziest idea ever.

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Only if you carve them with some styling rims.

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Totally Psychotic… like, “my father didn’t love me, so I eat the people I kill” kind of psycho.

Now… if you cut them from MDF and coated them with epoxy…

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I don’t have a lathe, so I can’t make circles out of epoxy.

I was thinking maybe the flex in those wheels was giving me some z depth issues. It seemed possible, so I was thinking wheels made from some rigid material (at least the top wheels, the bottom can adjust for variance in the thickness of the table) would help keep it constant. The machine has been sitting on the wheels for a few weeks, and running for a few hours, so I’m worried it will develop flat spots while sitting on those wheels. I still have no evidence that the wheels are any trouble, but I’m throwing it out there to see what sticks. You guys all think it’s crazy. I think it’s “crazy, but it just might work”. So I’ll add it to the never ending list of ideas to try.

Urethane is pretty resilient, I don’t see flat spots happening under its own weight I don’t think.

Cut a mold and cast your own wheels out of another material?

My understanding of plastics go like this:

  1. I call hard stuff plastic

  2. I call soft stuff rubber

So since I’ve had rubber things deform when under stress for a long time, I assumed the wheels would too. I have a bunch of roller hockey skates that are very old. You’d think I would have some good evidence, but I have them all hanging up by their frames, so there is no weight on the wheels.

Anyway, I haven’t noticed any problems, these are just in my head.

I drove a forklift for many many many years, and those wheels can take a beating that is what I thought they would be good for this. I would have went for skateboard wheel but they are too wide. If you think about all those stair gaps and huge impact forces the wheels can take, we should be safe. I am staining/varnishing some bedframe parts on the Lowrider table but now I really want to finish that so I can see how my build does on your twenty point torture test.

Not saying to cut them from epoxy, but just to cut them from MDF and give them a good coat of epoxy resin. Mostly to help with sealing them.