May have gotten a little carried away.

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Holy crap

You win…I quit!

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Looks Good. I like the colors. What are the rails made out of?

Thanks, rails are two layers of 5/4 x 14" Finger Joint White Pine, ripped to 5", laminated together and straight lined on the beam saw. However, I made them 4-1/4" tall not thinking about the limit of the carriage. Had to route away a quarter on the bottom for clearance. The table is 1/2" mdf top and bottom and 3/4" mdf for the grid. The grid was half lapped on a radial arm with a dado set. It went together pretty quickly. The legs took a while though.

Well, I cheated. I have a shop full of tools and since I’m the boss, I have time to work on what I want. Only advantage of getting older.

I wanted it to look like something I bought. I’m building a new shop and it will be right beside the office.

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If it’s that beautiful now, can’t wait to see what it looks like finished! Looks awesome!

Amazing work…

What a great table build!

I am a little jealous of the shop too.

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Ah! I see an MPCNC in the background! :slight_smile:

How did I not see that?! That is how sexy that table is, wowzers.

Very Nice! I’m jealous of all your shop space!


More Pictures, construction of torsion box.[attachment file=104652]
[attachment file=104653]
Plates cut from 1/2" phenolic sheet salvaged from Chic Fil A restroom remodel.

[attachment file=104654]
[attachment file=104655]

Here is a video of the first plot: Large Crown Test

First actual cut, 6mm Acrylic Trochoidal milling:

Cutting the V1 logo laminate inlay:

[attachment file=104656]
[attachment file=104657]



Sweet! Hopefully they were off cuts of the restroom dividers…

Your minions wear red? I need to get me some of them.

Awesome pics and videos, makes me want to clean up the “dirty” side of my shop.

The phenolic sheet was indeed a USED bathroom divider about 5’ x 5’. Amazon has a 4’ x 4’ x 1/2" sheet for $864.00. I did clean it multiple times before even handling it. LOL. I planed a piece down to 1/4" for the 611 plate. Very rigid.

I know you cleaned it, but did you save any phone numbers? Jokes?

Awesome job, like a previous poster noted - I too envy your shop! Thanks for sharing!


“For a good time: visit


Here’s the Fusion 360 model if anyone is interested:


Omg, can you fall in love with a table ? i guess so…
Good lesson for me in fusion to make a rebuild that fits my need ( metric and differenct size and in to parts[attachment file=117804]

)! This gives me motivation, thanks a lot for sharing!

Still practicing on the sexy legs! ( i am a noob in fusion )

But just needed to say: thank you !