Maximum Speeds

This is probably a very commonly asked question, but I can’t find an exact answer. What does the firmware for the T8 build cap the X, Y and Z mm/min speeds at?

I thought it was 2500 mm/min for X and Y, but I decided to try cutting a job with very light finishing passes at 2500 just to see how it would go and the machine got very jittery. I slowed the feed speed down 50% and it seemed like it kept the same speed but flowed much smoother.

I understand there are a lot of different variables for how to set the correct speed. (material, bit size, machine size, exe.) I’m just trying to know my limit with the firmware.

I would not suggest doing much of anything faster than 30mm/s. The firmware is limited to 120mm/s XY, Z 30mm/s for the T8, 8.4mm/s allthreaad, but accelerations limit it further for milling. This is not a lightweight deltabot, speed is not the name of the game.


There are a few way to see the limits in your firmware, repetier and the LCD.

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Ok, fair enough. That’s actually pretty reasonable. Thanks!