Mav68ericks Build.

Got a RCNC machine about 90% done. Printed a couple 3dlabprint spitfires. And vant bring myself into flying them til i get more practice. So i wanted to do some of the flighttest planes. So since i had 3d printers block, and 4 printers sitting came hime and started printing. Had 2 rolls of blue and 2 rolla of green. Got done and wanted it all to match. So ended up with 2 sets lol.


Mainly going to be a needle cutter only. Just mocking it up in my bedroom. Got a shop in the pole barn but its too cold, rather not hest it atm. Plus all my printers are in bedroom to atm. I wanna build a hobby roomin the loft above my work shop in the barn. So hopw to start that soon.


Anyways this is 24" x 36" with 3/4 emt.


Shoulda did the 1 inch as we got stainless at work being a protorype exhaust shop…oh well, not critical for foam.





Nice, you are ready to go! I spoke to some people this past weekend about the needle cutter. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it.


Got my extention cables today. Thinking cutting them and doubling them up for double the gauge size

Currently running a large pocket test, while i print the updated feet. Corners are semi snug and belts are really loose as i havent made a major effort in squaring

I have an idea for an attachment to go onto a square to allow you to square the x and y aaxis better since they are on 2 different z planes.


Looks like tomorrow i may meed to get some 2 x 4s. May just built the top for now and temporary legs. Was actually thinking of moutning it on a hinge on the wall so yoy fold it down. I dont want just a giant table the bottom has to be of some use storage wise.