Matthew's MP3DPv2 Black and Birch

So here is my progress on my MP3DPv2! My friend gave me his broken anet a8 (which is the printer I currently have). The board was dead, and the bed thermistor was burned out. My plan is to use as much of that printer as I can in the MP3DP. I know I could have tried to resize some stuff to make it better fit, but I am going to see how far I can get before I need to change stuff up.

Old Anet A8 dissembled.

[attachment file=55429]

After printing most the parts (im still having problems with the x carriage) I had to wait a couple of days to get a nice 1/8 inch router bit, but its great. It is a carbide spiral upcut bit from whiteside. It was expensive but cuts great. I fired up the MPCNC and of course had to proceed to mess up on the first part I cut. I did the optional base plate first just in case I had problems. Can you guess which side I will have down?

[attachment file=55430]

Finished cutting the frame, this time without incident.

[attachment file=55431]

And here is assembly so far. I need to finish a good print on the x carriage and then Ill see if if I need to cut any rods, or if I can make them all work. Oh, how I love baltic birch plywood. It even comes in handy 5 by 5 sheets that I can actually manage myself.

[attachment file=55433]

That looks great. +1 on BB milling. What thickness is that? 1/2"?

Yeah, it is 1/2 (12mm). I should probably make the y plate out of smithing thinner in the future.

That looks very nice.

Oh man that looks good. I have to find some of that near me, Fancy ply. I want a wood and printed, printer.

Those long rods on the bottom will work, you can just carve out the little stops I have in the clips. I tried to keep them small enough to carve out.

Why do everyone’s builds always look better than mine…

Jeffe, have you found a local place that sells the baltic birch in larger sizes? Rockler Hardware lists it on their website, but in rather small pieces.

I think I need to drive around to a few places today looking for it. Most of the stores that come up in a google search don’t list it specifically on their websites.

In Denver, I buy mine from Front Range Lumber Company. They cut the 60"x60" in half to fit in my car. They also have the 4’x8’ stuff. I’m not sure it’s the same stuff. I have also had good luck a Frank Paxton and Austin Hardwoods.

For other people, that aren’t in Denver. I think searching for “lumber” will get you a place that either sells it, or knows where to buy it.

IIRC, it was about $33 for the 3/8" sheet I bought. Pricey if I was making a shop cabinet, but it’s enough for several projects on the CNC. My smaller Low Rider also does great with the 30" size.

I have found if you ask for 12mm (or 18mm for 3/4 and 9mm for 3/8) Baltic birch you get the “real” stuff that is fully void free and has lots of hardwood plys. My local hardware place has the 60 by 60 12 mm sheets for 25 dollars. If it isn’t coming in at 5 by 5 you are probably just getting US birch plywood, not the Baltic stuff. I come from a wood working background and Baltic birch is what I have always used and heard of people for using jigs. It is just incredibly stable and strong for its weight. I have lived a couple of places over the last 10 years and even in small towns I have been able to find it. Ask at a local cabinetry shop and they can point out where to get it.

Thanks for the local places. Those are all far enough that I will have to plan some other reason for being in the area and combine trips. I do have a lumber yard here in town I figured out, but they’re only open M-F so I’ll check them out this coming week.