Maslow full sheet cnc

Seen it mentioned a few times now.

Headed to makerfaire right now. Its about 45min from the house. Can’t wait to see this and all the other cnc machines. Last year a company was there making ukulele parts on their cnc machine and they seemed to be stealing the show.

Headed to makerfaire right now. Its about 45min from the house. Can’t wait to see this and all the other cnc machines. Last year a company was there making ukulele parts on their cnc machine and they seemed to be stealing the show.

It’s open source, It can do magic as long as you’re a wizard!

That’s a clever design. I suppose if you had a spoil board behind, and you started cutting a bunch of chunks out of the plywood, you could just secure it with some screws, eh? My first thought was that the workpiece would have trouble staying upright once you cut a bunch of holes in it. I also wonder if there’s a decent way to cut something that isn’t sheet goods, like the end of a board, or carving in a live edge chunk of wood. My first CNC cut was carving “DANGER ZONE” in a 2x6 board for the table. Maybe there’s a jig that could handle some of that? IDK.

I don’t understand how the Z axis works, or how you can run without it. They said the third dimension was optional, does that mean you have to only cut out compete parts in one pass (with no holding tabs, either?) unless you pay more than $350?

I wonder if they are even using grbl or Marlin since they have some math between the X,Y and motor outputs. Although I think custom motor position equations can be configured in Marlin, right?

All in all, I hope there are some software tools that get developed that make the process easier and that they work with all the DIY CNC machines. I hate that they keep just adding more software to it. I wish they would have spent that energy improving CNC.js or making octoprint more CNC friendly or something. When I first tried Linux, I did it because I was cheap, but I stayed with Linux because of the software repositories that just made managing installed software, and avouding crapware so much easier. I don’t know how many of you will get that metaphor, since Linux isn’t that popular but…

I think Norm was missing the spoilboard/work piece part. They were just nice enough not to correct him. If you look at the bottom, there’s a pretty good lip for holding the actual sheet of plywood you’d cut. The first version you had to manually index the bit deeper into the cut, they’ve since added a real z assembly.

It’s kinda crazy, the little pulleys on the outside are being pulled by tiny little bungee cords. I figured a little weight might be on there to help out the motors a bit, Even if they don’t why not help them a bit, maybe they will last a bit longer. It’s just to take up slack.
The motor/gearbox/encoders are crazy small, cool system. was there and had 5 or 6 large routers set up. $4k-7k for the starter cnc’s

A crazy looking one called this one drives on the material so I see some issues with that but I am sure they have solutions. What if you pull parts out, want to cut the end, stuff like that.

Tormach was there, I think those were 20k+?

Printerbot came but no crawlbot.

Mimaki came with some of the most expensive looking equipment ever.

X-carve was there, but it was so crowded every time I came around I couldn’t touch it. There other cnc is crazy beefy, The nomad.

There was a super crazy 3060 Whatever the ebay ones are but it had like 1 in solid stainless supported rails and at least a 1" ballscrew 1.5k spindle held by the top…for some odd reason. Extremely overbuilt for a machine with about a 8x6x3 build space, no price.

There seemed to be more cnc stuff than 3D printers.

There were a few companies from china there with some odd machines, converted 3D printers maybe.

Someone was there with 2 converted first gen mpcnc’s running lasers and a odd 8mm rod axis with the stepper for that axis on the gantry but he told me he didn’t like them and switched to Shapoko’s and a shop bot. We didn’t get to talk much. He had made his own laser software but doesn’t plan on selling it, I think he is just selling his laser cut parts?

One other company but I will make a separate post we talked for a long time.

Looks like the cnc wave is starting.

What did mimaki have there? I can’t believe they would be at maker fair.

They had a few 3d printers that looked like an objet I had at my old job, and maybe some laser cutters, variable surface printers, and maybe some sort of light duty mill.

I know of the price tag so I didn’t spend much time drooling on their equipment.

Here is the other goliath.

I wonder if that machine would benefit from the CAM doing things from one side to the other, so it doesn’t “paint itself into a corner”.

Hahaha, I was just about to post that!

With out it you manually adjust it between passes for multi pass cuts. Its using a router as apposed to a zip cutter like the dw660. it has a smalltable if you will with height adjustment.

Their Z axis option They are connecting a small stepper to the routers built in depth adjustment knob.

Hey guys, thanks for all the amazing work you do for us DIYer’s out there. I’ve built the MPCNC3D and am currently working on the LowRider2.

I was wondering what your thoughts are on the possibility of building your own Goliath style omni cnc robot? How could I use the current coding edited to control the XY plane with 3 stepper motors hooked to omni-wheels instead? With math of course, but what are your thoughts, how involved do you think it would be?

For a Goliath encoders are the most important part. You have to know if it moved or not.

Yeah, Goliath is using those little zip lines that connect to the top as encoders, I imagine with a spring-loaded style potentiometers.