Marlin: SD card not visible to pc

I’d like to connect the skr to my pc so I can transfer files that way. I saw a couple options related to the touchscreen usb in Marlin, and I’m not sure which options need to be disabled and which ones enabled. I’d like to retain the option of running from the tft sd/usb if that’s possible, but I’m willing to give it up to access the sd card on the skr.

Rather than trial and error, I hoped someone here would know the right combination.


From what I can tell, the default is for the SD card to be visible. So that should be good.

Tried connecting to my printer via cura, and that seems ok. I can heat up the hot end and bed from the cura interface, so the connection is there. Can’t see the sd card to save a sliced file. Can’t see it in windows either, though. Same problem on my ender, but I just rebuilt that one with a MB SGEN I had laying around, so I thought I just screwed that one up.

Starting to look like maybe it’s just windows being fickle.

Update: I have the same problem with my ender (using the mks sgen 32 bit). I found an option for the sd card insertion to trigger high instead of low, and with that…my last idea is gone. I’m working with the ender first because it doesn’t have a tft and I expect it to be simpler.

I can plug in either printer (ender or repeat) and control the heating from cura, so they are connecting, but the associated sd card is greyed out in windows explorer. Clicking on the icon delivers the ever-helpful “please insert a disk into drive” whatever.

I’ve done the usual format of the card (quick and complete, fat and ntfs), uninstalling/reinstalling of the associated usb device, windows restart. Same problem from my laptop with same troubleshooting and lack of resolution.

Same problem with the archim 2 from the printer I just decommisioned, which worked fine when I disassembled it, also tested from my laptop as well.

Sd cards work as expected when I plug them into an sd card adapter (full size) and then into an sd card reader.

I remember a troubleshooting guide when I had the same problem years ago, but all I can find with search engines now are guides for when the printer doesnt read the card, which really sucks.

Any other ideas?

I am not sure, honestly.

I am pretty sure that transfer speed are going to be miserably slow (15min+) faster than wireless (hours). It is much faster to use the card directly (seconds).

I think I tried it initially but the cards are not wired directly from what I remember.

Is this something that would be unique to the mks and skr? Or at least different from the archim?

Asking because I was able save sliced files to the sd card on the archim in 15-20 secomds, straight from cura, then walk to the printer and print from the sd card.

Interesting, no, I don’t think there is any difference. I am also not very savvy about transfer protocols.

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