Marlin on ramps motor assignment

How does this work? I’m trying to learn me something about a kfb 3.0, which looks basically like a mega/ramps. Indeed the kfb 2.0 pin def file in the V1 marlin finishes with “include ramps.h”

I’m probably gonna have more questions that belong somewhere else, but I’ve downloaded this version and flashed it to the board with zero changes and the 4th axis (x2) runs. I’m taking that to be the primary extruder. Sooooo, how? Is that just making it go away and e1/E2 are the second axes?

This does look strange. Where did you get your firmware? I did not find a pins file for kfb 3.0 in the V1 released nor in the official Marlin release. There is a pins_BIQU_KFB_2.h, but it does not contain any of the defines you show in your image.

That’s from the V1 Marlin for Ramps (dual endstop) from the ramps.h. I THINK it was a trick to make Marlin happy with no extruders. Sounds more and more familiar the more I think about it but I couldn’t find a forum post that I may or may not have gotten that idea from.
I’m not expecting that anything significant changed from kfb 2 to kfb3 but I can’t find anything similar for the 3 so that was the best I could do, and either way, my board has pin names screened on the bottom. So far, it all seems up and up, but I had a little trouble with the E0 as an axis, so I loaded up the v1 marlin and voila. Went looking through that and thought it was odd.

That is old firmware. Before we were able to just set EXTRUDERS=0. We don’t do that anymore.

In your firmware, we moved the pins to E2 (you don’t have an E2). And we set E0 to 70 so that we could use the pins. If you ever try to move the extruder…I don’t know what happens.

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I thought it was something like that. Thanks. Fun that it still works, lol. I just wanted to make sure that I had my other firmware right, and I needed something that was fast and easy to load on this board. What I was doing wasn’t working, and I haven’t used the board before. That old firmware helped me out!