Marlin from touch TFT28 LCD to the ENH12864Z-1 button

Hello, I have installed the TFT28 LCD but really need to be able to resume after tool change so have to install the ones with button.
What should I change in the firmware to have the ENH12864Z.
Or if there is another way to resume after tool change pause.
I am using MKS Gen l, + TFT28 LCD touch + Repetier.
Any help is more than welcome please.

Sorry, but are you turning the power off when do a tool change? You’re supposed to turn off the spindle obviously, but keep the Marlin Microcontroller running.

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@makesomethingcool My question is what do I have to change in Merlin to use this screen with button, I can not make the Repetier resume from pause in the touch screen (TFT28). But if you have any idea how to resume from touch screen, please share :slight_smile:

The V1 firmwares all have support for that screen enabled. You should just have to connect it to the EXP1 and 2 ports. If it doesn’t turn or, or it is blue, you might have the cables wired backward. There are 4 ways to attach them. One way works and the other 3 are harmless.

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What do you mean “resume from a touch screen”?

I use Fusion 360 and Marlin (the fish - not the wizard lol). Fusion creates tool paths and turns them into gcode using a thing called “post processor”. In the post processer code, you can tell it what to do on a tool change. So, for instance, I have an M0 command that says “Put tool #4”. You then put in the tool it asks for and hit the button on the screen to move on, where I then call a routine to home the Z axis for that new tool. Once that’s complete it asks you to “Turn on the Spindle”, etc.

If you are using Fusion and Marlin I posted my post processor on this forum somewhere, and I’m sure you can find others.

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What Manolo is saying is that they want the screen to work, so they have a button to press.

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ah… so your screen doesn’t work? In your post it was unclear what was wrong.

@manolo , inside confiuration.h, find the line below and try removing the “//” at the beginning:

This should enable most generic LCD screens with a rotary button switch.

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Thank you That is it.