Marking hardened steel

Hi All,

Has anyone tried using a tungsten carbide scribe in the pen mount for marking hardened steel? I would like to add my makers mark to kitchen knives.

What about a handheld “engraver”

I will not be able to get the same level of precision. Or do you mean mounting one of those on the Cnc? That’s an interesting idea.

Yeah, that’s what I meant to say. :sunglasses:


I used one of these once and it vibrated a ton. Might be to much vibration for the machine. I would try a laser, or a carbide engraving bit in the 660. You’d have to engrave pretty shallow, really just deeper than scratching, but you probably would be able to do it if you keep the tool cool. I have no experience with hardened steel or steel for that matter so speaking hypothetically.

Because I am marking harden steel, maybe even ground at an angle in some cases, I have gone down the electro etch pathway.

My solution was to buy a brother ptp-700 and stencil tape.

I couldn’t get this level of detail cutting vinyl.

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Could you engrave/stamp/etch on the blade before it gets quenched and annealed?

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Annealing or normalizing soften the steel. Than I should be able to engrave the soften steel. It’s best practice to anneal steel before heat treatment which involves heating and cooling to a very soesific recipe that varies from steel to steel. After heat treatment you have a blade ready to go.