Market sign by gritters

combo v bit and 3d carve


Wow. Nice!!!


Looks really sharp. Nice job!

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What Doug says. Incredible. Which kind of endmill did you use for the 3D carving?

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3d carve was done with one of these ball nose - 2 Flute BALL NOSE Carbide Mill (for 3D Carving)
It came out very smooth, no additional sanding needed :slight_smile:

Wood wasn’t anything special - just a smaller version of this stuff: One of the few times i’ve not scavenged the timber from somewhere.


means a lot coming from you doug :slight_smile: thanks!


This looks really nice. Did you use Estlcam or another CAM?

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i actually forked out for vcarve desktop. but it’s doable with fusion360 if you can wrangle it.

this one was still a freebie for a friend but i’m starting to make a little bit of money on the side so I thought I should pay for something that doesn’t make me feel dodgy for skipping around licensing t&cs.

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ESTLcam can output this kind of work. I think the workflow for it is to import an STL file, which is how it gets the 3D information conveyed. My understanding, again I’ve not done it yet, is that when you import an STL you get a new set of options that don’t normally show up.

You happen to be using Marlin and know what post processor you are using? I was looking at a few of them, but none of them are complete. They are missing tool change.

i’m using reprap firmware on a duet 2 wifi board. what i use is very standard gcode, the only extra i’ve added now is some save to eeprom commands when i zero the material.

i have macros set up, xyz probe zero for any of my tool diameters, and then just one for z only

my workflow is to just dump the tools into two files and then play them by hand sequentially with manual tool change in between. by using the touch probe i can make sure i don’t lose material zero if i bash it too hard with the tool change, however i rarely x,y probe between tools, just z because the bit height can end up anywhere.

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my post processor is ooznest duet arcs but unfortunately i can’t vouch for tool change support.

I did have a quick look at the post processors and they seem easy enough to customise. How handy are you with simple coding?