Marcos stuff

Since I finished the machine I am in love with her, she allowed me to create a lot of things quickly and very economically.


LigthBox Photography studio

A decent light box can cost up to 100 dollars. For only 25 dollars I could build mine.
2 feet wide x 15 inches deep and 15 high.

Use 3 feet of led lights and a polywall panel purchased from Homedepot.


Quadcopter FPV Launch Pad

This is a project in which we are making prototypes of a platform for launching drones.
The final idea is to make it in acrylic.



I like the quadcopter launch. You should put tick marks as engravings for every 5º angle so pilots can match the launch angle to their lens angle.

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A coat rack to dry towels


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How will you be attaching the back and sides together? What about the dowel attachment?

I Use wood glue and some screws.
and pieces printed in 3D.

Nice! Might have been a good place to play with finger joints on the sides…

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Hello everyone, tomorrow I will be making that new lamp for my dining room.
I have a kind of old chandelier …
I will try to improve them with this new design.

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