Map with MPCNC Users?

Over the last year I have seen so many people from all over the world post their builds and I thought about creating a map on google where everyone could put a pin where he/she lives so you could meet other MPCNC users, similar to the database at Prusaprinters. Would anyone want sth like that?


We’ve talked about it before. I think everyone likes the idea, but the implementation is tricky. There are thousands of users and we don’t want to leak info people share with Ryan in private (from the shop, for example). But we also need to be careful that we don’t have trouble with too much public access (it would probably be ok, but what if someone drew something, or deleted other people’s pins). It also can’t be too expensive.

I think google maps has just a few hundred max pins.

It is very possible those impressions of map software is completely wrong by now :slight_smile:

One good solution is if there is something to put a pin for each forum user. There is a location field, which is optional, but already public, and the forums include people who have not purchased anything from Ryan, but contribute to the community.

Are there really so many users that would share? Because there aren’t thousands of builds. :smiley:

Analog map of the last 3 months.


Resolution is one pin head in the rest of the world, US is 1 pin per state.

Nice! Europe is a little too dense for single pins I guess. :smiley:

There are a lot of countries that need to step up their game. It looks like language might be a pretty big barrier of entry.

Well, there is not one in India, there English is spoken a lot.

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That’s awesome, what I find impressive though is after distributing it all over the world there does not seem to be anyone copying it and calling it their own? At work We recently discovered a Russian company making an exact replica of our product with only two years on the market.

Not really calling it their own, but they do show up on random stores from time to time.

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Maybe one could use openstreetmap instead of google maps?
I have found these 2 links on how to put pins on it and use it on a homepage. Though i never tried it out myself.

Because this was noticed in a recent post and I can’t find it again! :woozy_face:

Google Multiple Location Maps.

I’m pretty sure that’s what Prusa uses - note unless it’s a business suburbs are used not actual addresses.

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to go see if there were any Prusa users in my city…

I can go knock on their doors if I want :eyes:

Even tells you what kind of printer they have inside the house…

I have thought before that this would be cool for V1, but maybe not so granular.

Like for the US, you could just use the zip code as a general enough division of land with a count, that you wouldn’t really leak user details.

Or maybe just a count per city all over the world would be enough.

Or if counts don’t really matter, and only representation does, information could be pulled from orders, as well as the forum just to tag a city…

I would like to see counts though :slight_smile:

That’s where I stole the inspiration for the idea came from. The map used to be promoted quite a lot in the beginning when it was still :slight_smile:

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The closest one to me is marked in the middle of this open space park

The others nearby look like they have been adjusted a little. Not sure if that is done automatically or by the user.

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There are loads around me:

One of them is literally 3 minutes from me. The others 5-15. :smiley:

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Maybe this addon for OpenStreetMaps can make it possible?

I haven’t figured out whether there can be “open” maps for anyone to edit though.