Manual control with touch screen or joystick

Before I start building my MPCNC I wanted to know if any of of you have tried adding either a touch screen or a joystick like this one I found on ebay:

Does anybody have some picture or explanation on how the joystick or a touch display should be connected to the RAMBo board. Does it even support touch screens and touch control?

It would be awesome to hear from anybody who have done anything like what I’m trying to do


I don’t think many have used a joystick with the MPCNC other than a few that use estlcam firmware. Some use octopi to touchscreen from there phones. It really is much easier to just move it by hand, it does not have the limitations of giant machines in this way.

If you use the dual endstop firmware you can not manually jog it work offsets are the way to do it.

Maybe it would be better for the Lowrider but same deal it only takes me a minute to jog it into position.

Never used a touch screen, if it is a reprap screen it should work with any board no issues other than the LCD adapter for the Rambo. I have not used a touch screen though. I am kind of old school about the screens though, sometimes experimenting just gets in the way of getting work done for me.

Can’t wait to see what others say.

I highly doubt you will be able to get a mach3 control to work with Marlin though.

First step is to select a machine control software package that supports a joystick or jog wheel. I believe the Estlcam software supports an Xbox controller, but I have not tried it. I currently use CNCjs for machine control, and it supports the Contour ShuttleXpress jog wheel (check Amazon to order one), this is the configuration I am using at the moment and it works well. CNCjs shows that it will work with GRBL, Marlin, Smoothie, and TinyG, but I have only used it with GRBL on an Arduino Uno and Prontoneer CNC Shield 3.51.

Maybe someone else can chime in if they have used CNCjs with the Marlin firmware.