Man, this would be awesome.

Just stick some reference point stickers to out work piece and let it rip. Not sure why it’s running so slow in this video, I’ve seen them go much faster, though I see the esko logo on Mario’s hand, so probably just a quick demo. Used to love watching these guys run in the demo room, the other IT guy pretty much wrote me off for the day if they were running. I watched the demo guy just throw a poster on the table and hit go once. It was all caddywhompus and still cut properly.


That is very slick, I love it.

What is the market for that? It looks like there is a separate printer and that uses an optical eye to position it then cuts it out, Or does that print as well?

My last sticker cutter had sort of the same deal, I used a large format printer, then I would manually align 3 registration marks and my cutter would account for skew and cut very accurately.

Side note, if you print a lot, buy your printer from cobra ink, I still have my large format $300 printer it has to be at least 5 years old and the ink (I use pigment) is like $30 For a 4oz bottle of all four colors!!! Top notch company, father and daughter I believe.

They make a separate printer that rides the same rails. Fathead has one of Esko’s systems for their production, well a few of them anyway. It’s pretty neat. The order comes in for a wall sticker and the system will print it, cut it, then move it to a table for a person to roll and ship. The shipping guy is the first person to touch the product. If I remember right even the quality control is a camera system. The table has a cutting mat conveyor on it that the suction hold down can pull through. We had Epson wide format printers at work for testing. First time I’d ever seen white printer ink.