Makita rt0700c tool holder - which one?


I found this two tool holder on Thingiverse (I want to have an optional dust collector): (have not found a compatible dust collector yet.) (and this dust collector:

and Erik is using one looking like a fusion of both Thingiverse tool holders. (, I have not found this design on Thingiverse yet).

Which one to chose - pro and cons of the different designs?
How much is the dust collector reducing the working space?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Stefan,

I have the Makita RT0700CX4 router and have used this mount:

My observations are:
1 I didn’t follow the instructions and printed it with a lot less than 100% infill, it cracked and broke.
2 The nut traps in the MPCNC_V2_RT0701C_Tool_Holder_-_Adaptor.stl fitted plain (not nyloc)6-32 UNC nuts, not metric
3 I used 6-32 1/2" cap head bolts to fix the back cover to the adaptor, anything longer doesn’t fit
4 It was a real fiddle fitting the mount to Ryan tool holder as the mount didn’t allow clear access to the screw heads.

I am now trying which isn’t as elegant but so far hasn’t fallen apart. I printed with 60% infill. At the moment I am the dust collector holding the shop vac!


I’m using this one and it works well. I think there is a version that mounts directly to the conduit and this might be a slightly better choice as long as you are not planning to try other tools like the vinyl cutter.

This dust shoe works OK but there is a slight interference that stops it from completely mating with the tool holder:



@denseuropa: Thank you fore sharing your experiences. It made my decision easier. I don’t want to be the dust collector my self :wink: . I decided to try the same as Derek

It looks solid and is mounting the Makita closer to the Z-rails than all other mounts I have found yet (in combination with the universal toolmount).

@zoominbc: Thank you for sharing your configuration. I thought there is no compatible dust shoe for this tool mount, with your info I made a closer look at the dust shoe you linked. At the end I decided to construct my own version with openSCAD to add some adaptations and make it completely mating with the tool holder.

My printer finished printing today! At the first sight it looks good.

How about this and the Hicwic mount? I got a Makita and printed a Hicwic instead of the 525 universal. Swapping tools is going to be a norm on my build.

They’re not the most rigid mounts. They have a little too much flex for me.

Hi Stefan

Are you stiil using this makita mount and dust shoe?
Would you recommend it to others and do you by chance have you remix of the dust shoe as STL to share?

I have already printed the dust shoe and have the mount printing now. Moving on from the hicwic universal mount since it has to much flex.

Really appreciate if you are able to get back to me :slight_smile: