Making changes after Tiling?

I often create ‘left’ and ‘right’ sides of things (ie: boxes). Typically, I bring in the dxf and set all the tool paths (holes, part, etc). Then I “tile” the part (to get a second copy beside the first), and follow the “tile” with a “flip V” to invert the new part.

This way I get a left side and a right side…

If I make changes to the tool paths, will the changes be included in the 'tiled/flip V" part?

This would be an easy thing to test on a simple model, but I am leaning towards the tool paths not being updated on both of you are tiling models, not toolpaths. I am not familiar with estlcam, but f360 has a feature in cam that allows you to pattern toolpaths to make repetitive cuts. When the original is modified, all patterned copies get updated.

Not it does not update the tiled tool paths, everything is independent and not linked together. Best to dial it in first and then flip your tool path.

Alternatively you could select your two tools paths and group them but then it would not cut one part before it cuts the other

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