Maker Faire NYC

Just got back from the Maker Faire NYC, Wow was it hot, 97f in the tents. This is my second faire, I was also at number 1. Things have changed some. I did notice fewer maker products. The first faire I attended, there were five or more competing 3d printers. This time I only saw Prusa. As far as Lasers, only saw Epilog, Glowforge, and Dremel. For CNC only ShopBot and Shaper, maybe Dremel (didn’t stop to look).
So what I guess I’m saying is the faire seemed to go from “build these tools and make cool things” to “buy our tools to make cool things”. The first faire had a tent with vendors where you could buy small kits, parts, manuals, and some tools (wire strippers, soldering irons). This time T-shirts and hoodies.

I think a MPCNC or Low Rider would have drawn a crowd…

Dam. That was kinda my feeling about it. The bay area one was all about startups with no real product to sell. Just doing market tests. The cnc control board i saw just launched on kickstarter.

I loved the mrrf, i don’t think maker faire is for me.