Maker faire in Trondheim, Norway, 25th and 26th of august. Come join!

Hi all (especially in Norway/the nordics)

There’s going to be a maker faire in Trondheim the 25th and 26th of august. I’ve checked with the organizers, and they’d like to have a v1engineering booth, if we are able to man it! I’m really up for going, are there anyone else in the area that might be interested? If there’s anyone who even have a working machine or two, that’d be amazing. Flying with a machine is not something I dream of, but if it’s necessary, I’ll consider it.

I really hope that there’s somebody out there that might be up for it! I’ve found an old friend that’s going to have a showcase, I think I’ll try to convince him to make a v1 machine for me/us :wink:

Here’s the website for the faire:


18hr flight for me. I wish I liked traveling more, or had some first class secret pass.

Remeber to take lots of pictures.

If you do fly with a machine, a Primo breaks down and assembles pretty quick for travel. The other three machines, not so much.


I agree with you on the traveling bit. There was a time in my life I dreamed of biking to Bhutan and hiking from south to north of Norway, and such. Now I dream of just a little more spare time…

But a meet-up of some kind would’ve been amazing! A v1e meet-up, that’d be something.

Thanks for tips on breaking it down. That’s actually a neat option. I’m already in the process of downsizing right now, so it won’t be much of a job.


28hours for me, but as it turns out there’s a tiny chance, just a glimmer, that we’ll be in Denmark about then and heck it’s only a hop skip and a jump from there, like 5 hours or something!.

It would be mad, but it would make up for missing Prague last weekend!

It’s an impossible thought BUT I’VE PENCILLED IT IN ANYWAY because I’m feeling optimistic! .


Norway… Are you insane?!?! Do you not keep up with cinematic history?

If you “drop by” coming from Australia to Denmark, I’ll personally come and pick you up at the airport and parade you around the faire! :laughing:


Kind sir, you have a deal!:grinning:


Now I’ve confirmed my attendance! I had actually decided to cancel, since the travel was long, and things would demand a lot of preparations, and I had no-one to stand with. The faire will be on friday and saturday.
Buut - the organizers did a good job convincing me to change my mind! They seem to take a great interest in the v1-projects.
On friday I’ll be standing with an old friend of mine that I’ve gotten in touch with. He has an act/project as a crazy inventor :smiley:
On saturday, I’ll be alone - so if there are any Norwegians (or foreigners that would love a travel!) I’d be pleased to have someone to share the experience with.
@vicious1 Is it okay that I profile myself as “from the v1engineering community”?


Official V1 CCO (chief Community Officer).

Absolutely any title you want. I will back any of them.

CEO for a day?!


Haha, thanks a lot for the trust! “1st lieutenant of the Venerable Order of the Silly Makers, Chapter v1engineering” it’ll be.

I’m sure it’ll be something quite plain, “from the v1engineering community” or something like that…


You should make a safety badge or something: “Up and not bleeding”…

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You can be CFO and give yourself a raise, but unfortunately payroll doesn’t close until the 31st, so there is no benefit.

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Four weeks from now, we should get the all clear - can we actually find flights at short notice in high summer at a half-reasonable price? Can we even find flights?

Probably not, but never say never!

Keep up the good work!