Make tap files recognized by marlin

I use aspire and it generates file with tap extention.
It is not seen in marlin and I have to rename the files with gcode extention.
It there a way to make tap files visible by marlin ?
Thanks in advance

There doesn’t appear to be a supported way to change the file extension used by Marlin. You could find where the ‘.gcode’ extension is specified in Marlin and change it to ‘.tap’, then compile and flash the firmware. I spent some time searching all of the files in Marlin, and I could not find where the file extension/type is specified. Plus, this would mean the ‘gcode’ extension would not be supported if you used another application.

It is much easier to change the file type output by the Aspire postprocessor. I did a search for “Aspire post processor,” and found this page. According to the page, FILE_EXTENSION is explicitly specified, so redefining this value to ‘.gcode’ will change the output file extension. You will find the line towards the top of the file, and you want it to read:


A halfway/hackish solution is to write a simple batch/cmd file that renames all ‘.tap’ files in the destination directory to ‘.gcode’. You will still have to remember to execute the file, but it could be done with a single click.

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open with notepad the post processor you are using in aspire, you can change the output extension there

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Thanks Robert and John, yes I am going to try on aspre side…:slight_smile:

Ok I did it ! For those interrested :

  • Select File, then Open Application Data folder and postP directory
  • Open the .pp file used in aspire
  • Change
    POST_NAME = “G-Code Arcs (mm) (.tap)"
    FILE_EXTENSION = “tap”
    POST_NAME = "G-Code Arcs (mm) (
    FILE_EXTENSION = “gcode”

Done :slight_smile:

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