Magnetic pen holder boxes - Maple and Birch Plywood

Hi folks, here is a birthday present for my wife, who loves crafting and journalling. Consequently she has many, many pens of every colour. This will help her find the right one for the job…

I will link at the bottom of this post, a photo album, including the (loud!) unedited videos of some cutting operations, and captions if you click on the i with a circle around it.

Google Photos
The magnets keep the boxes in an orderly row on her craft desk.

Google Photos

And for those who love to watch the chips fly, or who might want to make this one themselves, here is the Making Of photo album:


The pockets… Your Primo is so awesomely fast and the cuts are so nice. What‘s the speed, DOC etc. there and the RPM of the router? I‘d really like to try to get close to that. :smiley:

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I put that sort of info in the captions. Just click on the i with a circle around it to see them.
Let me know if I left something out there and I will add it!

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They look fantastic.

You really are removing a ton of material in those videos, nice work as usual!!


If you are using your phone, it’s the three dots at the upper right that opens the info pane. Or, you can just swipe the picture upwards to reveal it.

Nice! That’s impressive.

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