M666 and M500 error

I am trying to level my Z following the LR3 Doc https://docs.v1e.com/lowrider/#z-leveling.

I ran probe 3 times on one side and 3 times at Max X. Averaged and found the difference of 3.5mm(ouch).

Next, I enter the command M666 Z3.5. I get an error of:

G-code command in block requires an integer value.

I get the same error when using M500 as well.

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That’s done differently in FluidNC. You modify the pulloff_mm values for the corresponding motors in the UI. Don’t forget to use the save button from the main screen.



Oh man. Thank you. I guess I assumed the LR3 doc was written with the jackpot in mind. I’ll go back review what you suggest.


I had the same confusion. The docs should probably be updated.

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Yeah, looking like time to do a pretty serious rewrite. The jackpot is stable and outselling the SKR by a wide margin.