M112 During G38.2 Probing Operation

Anybody else experienced random shutdowns during G38.2 Z0 probing? I get a M112 shutdown reported on the LCD.

My current thinking is that the Z Probe is getting some interference which is confusing things. Possible fixes could be pull up resistor / capacitor?

Thinking that enabling one of these could help (although not sure the difference between these two is connected to Signal/Ground of “ZMin endstop terminals” so suspect that the first is the correct one to try.


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I made this mod and have run a few successful probes, hopefully this is an enduring fix. Marked as solution but will report back if turns out otherwise.


Anybody know what the second pull up option is for?? (#define ENDSTOPPULLUP_ZMIN_PROBE)

Problem has returned. Anybody else encountered this?

I have attached a 3mm aluminium plate as a probing plate. Maybe the capacitance in this lump of metal is enough to swing things in wrong direction.

Any suggestions.

Am I even barking up the right tree with this M112 shutdown error?