M00 message not displaing on LCD

Hi - new here. I’ve got my LowRider V3 up and running and have successfully milled many things. I’m in the process of refining my process now, and one thing I can’t seem to get to work is to to get messages to display on the screen when the M00 (or M01) command is used in my gcode. The machine does pause and waits for input, but it simply displays “Pause” on the screen. I’d really benefit from being able to display more than just “Pause” on the screen. I’d like it to tell me what action to take.

Here is sample gcode I’ve used, and still only getting “Pause” on the screen.

G92 X0 Y0 ; Set Current position to 0 on the X and Y axes.
M117 Amana HSS1312 upcut
M0 Attach probe ; Connect touchplate
G38.2 Z0 ; Probe to touchplate
G92 Z0.5 ; Set Z to touchplate thickness
G00 Z5.0000 F500 ; Lift off touchplate
M0 Remove probe ; Pause and wait for touchplate removal
M106 ; This will turn on an IOT relay to start a router or vacuum

I’m using the latest V1 SKR Pro v1.2 Dual endstop firmware, as well as the standard TFT35 firmware. Can anyone provide any suggestions on what I can do to get the messages to display?