LR3 X gantry drops in the middle

I realized my x gantry was low in the middle and thought it might be the conduit so I replaced the two bars with very straight conduit. Once the gantry was assembled I checked it with the edge of my level and everything was straight. Once I got everything back together the sag was back. the carriage position has no effect on it. It has about a 1.5mm low spot in the middle.

My table is very flat and and the min and max z heights are within .04mm of each other. its hard to show with the pics but maybe they will help. I have no idea what could be causing this.

Uploading: 20220908_162338.jpg…
Uploading: 20220908_162351.jpg…

Any Ideas?

No idea really, but are the screws into the wood aligned? Depending on how well the struts came out, there could be some tight spots.


The gantry was assembled and straight before I attached the sides. So I’m still at a loss.

There are only so many variables, maybe you need better conduit, did you try rotating? How much of a dip? What size table? If it’s 8’ wide, could explain it. :slight_smile: