LR3 WIFI (FlashAir Chip)

I am not sure if this is the right place for this topic but wanted to let those know who use the standard touchscreen only. I did have a Laptop with USB connected to board for a while but to much messing around. I have been using the chip only to load into the gcode into the CNC. I was checking my deer cameras a few days ago and realized I had a 32 gig FlashAir chip that did not work for WIFI but did storage. I pulled the chip from the camera and worked it for a couple of days creating a config (on the chip) so the LR3 would become a WIFI hotspot for me to connect to. Now I can make the project on my computer and simply copy the gcode to the chip in the CNC using WIFI. Did not have to make any change to the board I purchased from V1 Eng. The FlashAir chip is not cheap but since I already had one it was worth the time to reconfigure it. The chip is made by Toshiba. I can provide a config that I used as a starting point if you want to try for yourself.



I have experience running flashair cards on my Creator Pros. They are unavailable to purchase anymore (unless you want to fork out $400 on ebay) but I have one to sell atm and will have 3 more sometime later this year as well.

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There’s some way cheaper wifi SD card alternatives. Less reliable, can be hit or miss, but maybe enough bang for buck to try out …

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