LR3 orders

Good day Gents and ladies from a cold South Africa.

First time on here after discovering the LR2 on a YouTube video.

Keen on getting the latest LR3 built but just want confirm as I have not seen a post about what to order for the build.

So basically what I want to know is would the hardware kit include everything “hardware” wise, I am aware of the parts that I would need to source local like the round sections and the 3d parts that I would need to print, as well as the actual table needed for the machine.

So in the end just need a heads up on everything that I must order from v1 engineering to get the build going. This would also have to include electronics needed.

Thanks in advance

The control board is not included. I will change the shop link to specify this. The full and detailed parts list does include this as the first item. LowRider CNC V3 - V1 Engineering Documentation

If you are unsure about some of this, give me a little while to hopefully add the rest of the information and it will be more complete and concise. This has just launched and there are a lot of things to cover. If you want to wait a at least a few more days this might all be a little more organized amongst all the different sites and pages.

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Thanks Ryan,

Truly appreciate it. Going to give it a couple of days whilst I start with the 3d parts and the items I can source locally, will be keeping a keen eye on the forum before I place the order for the hardware and electronics.