LR3 Mod - Diverting shaving piles, avoid excess shavings in/under bearing wheels causing inaccuracies

Maybe my vac solution is inadequate, but has anyone else experienced, and/or solved, avoiding LowRider 3 from lifting up and riding over shavings/dust piles that accumulate during a job? Found excess shavings get into and under the bearing wheels causing inaccurate cuts.

Maybe add some dust flaps perhaps?

Am also adding a debris guard along the Y rail that’s tall as possible but still shorter than gantry beam at min Z height.


This has been discussed and complained about quite a few times :slight_smile:
There are Long threads and Wheel Skirts and people running around their machines with a broom.

In practice, wood dust doesn’t seem to matter much, at least when using the large diameter rollerskate wheels (I do not have LR3 so I don’t have experience with the bearings based design).

That said, with my LR2 I simply used the center of the table as much as possible and avoided cutting activity near the edges. Truth to be told, I was more concerned about sawdust piling on lead screws so I was thinking about printing a pair of Lead screw Covers but judging from the pictures this is not an issue with LR3 or even if it is, it’s easy to resolve with a short brush strip.

Uploaded V1E LowRider 3 - almost pointless, pointy Dust Flaps to Printables. Partly because some LR3 owners might feel like MP3DP is getting all the attention, and not enough cutting edge LR3 Mods are happening. But mostly uploaded for the 10 Prusameters.

Happy Friday!


Those prusameters add up! Let’s see if we can you get some download points too. :wink: