LR3 Gantry Net Shape Model

Hey all, long time lurker, first time poster. Been watching the low rider for a few years now and with the LR3 I finally going to build one. This brings me to me question…

I want to build a machine with a 24"x48" cutting area. One of the things I don’t have is a lot of room in my shop and I plan to use my table saw as the table top with a spoil board put down. I am a bit of an over designer…(engineer in the nuclear industry I can’t help it).

What I would like to do is store the gantry underneath my right side extension wing and also store the spoil board there. In order to model it all up before I make any real life cuts I was going to assemble the LR3 and my table saw in Fusion and design around it.

I know that the CAD files are not released, just the 3mf’s, and I respect that however, I was wondering if I could maybe get a net shape model where it was essentially a STEP file “blob” of the whole gantry with the router in the lowered position, that would save me a little time in modeling all the parts and assembling them.

If the answer is no, that’s okay I just figured I would ask. Thanks for the awesome design, I very much look forward to building it and making some dust!

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Welcome Colin! I thought I read somewhere that Fusion now allows importing 3MF files using Insert Mesh from the Insert menu. My company didn’t renew our Fusion subscription (and I haven’t signed up for a hobby license yet) so I’m not able to confirm.

If that isn’t available you could open the 3MF in your slicer or a program like Meshmixer, save it as an STL or OBJ, and then import it into Fusion. Little more work but should be doable if you want to go to that level of detail. The downside is that I know Fusion sometimes chokes on large STL files so it may not work for every part.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

Thanks for your quick response! You are 100% correct about the 3mf support. I have all the files in Fusion as meshes converted to components.

The only drawback to that is when you assemble them using joints you cannot select the center point of the circle as it isn’t an actual circle. I can fix that by extruding a new hole which is what I have been doing.

I figured before I spent hours doing that and assembling I would ask.

Yeah, unfortunately that’s basically what I had to do when I built the assembly for my Primo. Maybe someone else has another idea.

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