LR3 CNC-cut core - An ongoing experiment

Note: Just giving this little pet project of mine a space on it’s own rather than hijacking other subjects

What is it?
The basic idea is to replace the 3D printed LR3 core with a cnc-cut one and smaller 3D printed parts attached to it, much like the XY plates

But why?!
Hey, why not? :slight_smile:
This is meant as an experiment, rather than an actual “upgrade”, but this kind of design could bring some interesting features:

  • Faster/easier print (smaller parts)
  • Flat-packing for shipping
  • Customizable core width (eg: small cores for an idex build) and height
  • Aluminum face platefor rigidity ?
  • More conventional mounting for off the shelf accessories (eg using an aluminium clamp that’s been provided with your spindle, or a tramming plate)

What are the downsides?
There’s a huge one: the router would be hanging further from the gantry, thus increasing leverage and reducing rigidity

The initial mockup was something like this

I already made afew first prototype prints and made a dry-fit testing

Currently I’m re-designing the whole thing from scratch as the first design was a bit sketchy

The design steps are a bit more streamlined and easier to work with

Also, I’m trying to make the tilt angle adjustable, as I’m tempted to experiment with a vertical strut assembly…

Don’t know where this rabbit hole will lead, but I’m enjoying the ride so far, pretty fun tinkering with this even if it’s probably totally useless :slight_smile:


That’s cool. I’ve pondered how it might be possible. I think I’d want to keep the tilt the same as the original so nothing else needs modified.

Yep, that’s the original plan…

If I can make this parametric though, that’s a win-win :slight_smile:
It’s a bit of a CAD exercise too (I need a break away from my guitar design…)

Are you sure? I believe in you :smiley:

Alas… that’s physics for you…

If I keep the brace’s tilted back 20°, there’s no way I can get the router any closer to the gantry
That’s part of why I considered a “straight up” version…

Interesting concept!!